• Govt. Lic No: 20/048/049

Message From Chairperson

Kamala Mam 

We take pleasure in Introduceing ourselves as an emerging and trustworthy Manpower consultants company licenced by the Labour Ministry (licence No. 20/048/
049) of the government of Nepal. We have a proven record of extensive experience for more than 10 year in meeting the Manpower requirements for clients from all over the world.

We are always ready to meet the needs of various job trade in such fields as security, farm workers, care Givers, Sales and Marketing Persons and semi skilled and unskilled hard working workers. Riza  Overseas can arrange to provide well experienced candidates from Government Departments as well as private sector.

Riza Overseas is one of the leading human resource recruiting agencies in Nepal. We also ...

About Riza Overseas

logo Riza Overseas Employment Pvt. Ltd. has directed its mission objectives as a fundamental and essential part to achieving their aims, by providing and promoting employment opportunities (Professionals, Skilled, SemiSkilled) in various authorized countries, In collaboration with our foreign partners.

Riza Overseas has established itself as a worldclass provider of recruitment solutions and has experienced an impressive growth pattern in the past year. The network has built numerous branch operations that span around numerous countries with particular focus on Japan , United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Cyprus, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Lebanon etc.

Because of our relationships with both employers and individuals we are uniquely positioned to determine ...

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